Tips from moms and ways to save on back-to-school

Back to school is always difficult. For children, because it’s time to get back to routine and homework. For the parents, because after the summer and the holidays, they have to face the expenses related to the return of their children to class. Clothing, books, school supplies… The budget reaches several hundred euros and can vary considerably depending on the type of education (public, concerted or private). In addition, with inflation triggered, this course everything will be more expensive. From several specialized media they give advice on how to save in certain sections.

Compare prices and reuse, keys to save on re-entry. (Photo: Getty Images)

So, for example, in the specialized portal early savings they give what they call the four golden rules in this direction. It is to plan purchases or leave them for the last minute looking for offers, reuse as much as possible compare prices in different points of sale and take advantage of the second hand both to buy and to sell. In Global consumer have calculated that you can save up to 400 euros by following this type of advice and, after consulting experts, point to the market on line as the best way to save.

For his part, in frogs and princesses, a media outlet specializing in project-oriented information for families with children, puts together a slightly more exhaustive list when it comes to advising parents how to save on a back-to-school period which will be particularly expensive due to the inflation. One of the first things they come up with is take inventory to know what you have and what you need and not buy more. Reusing books and clothes is also on his list, as is the second-hand market.

They recommend taking advantage financing options or make incremental purchases (although for that you are already late if you left everything for the last minute) and be search for scholarships and grants offered by some Autonomous Communities. In some, in fact, the books are mostly free through lending programs.

These are the advice given by various media, but Which do families practice? In yahoo We asked two moms about their back-to-school saving tips. Marriedwith a three-year-old boy who starts school this year and a girl who will be in 3rd primary, tells us that its main strategy is to compare prices, anticipate and reuse. “We decided to take the books in July and for the oldest we were able to do so through Access [el programa de préstamo de la Comunidad de Madrid]that it lowers our costs,” he comments.

For those who had to buy, those who are not included in the Primary loan program or those for the 1st Infant for the little one, he compared the prices in several stores, in addition to the AMPA offer of his center , and ended up buying them in “two different places”. After making the purchase in July, that means now, in September, “at least that part we paid for” and the payout isn’t that big.

As their children attend a concerted school where they need a uniform, the family has an extra game that is not contemplated in audiences. For this section, ‘the first thing to check if they are worth other years. In addition, the 3rd year inherits some things from the cousins, so it’s less expense. And for the little one, we had to take things, being a boy, and we looked in three places. In the end, we bought in two of the stores,” he summarizes. In one, adds María, they were given a 10% discount voucher on stationery which they can take advantage of when the school gives them the list of materials. This course, in addition, the uniform clothes that the eldest was not worth and her brother cannot wear, such as skirts, were passed on to other families to continue the savings chain.

In case of Idoia, with three childrenis something different since the three go to public centers, so uniforms are not in your budget. The two oldest will attend the 2nd year of the Baccalaureate and the 4th year of the ESO and the youngest, the 3rd year of the Primary. On the question of what “tricks” does she have to save on back-to-school time, he replies that “the typical of reusing books from one brother to another. Also, review the notebooks they used at the end of the course because normally you buy them and use them for a few months and there are still loose leaves, so I recycle them for the next one”.

Recycling old course materials always saves money. This can be done with notebooks, as Idoia points out, and with other materials such as paints, pencils, backpacks, cases and other materials that, although used, are still in good condition. state. Not everything has to be new.

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