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Top scientists – they must have been Japanese! – discovered the formula of you drink stop mournsomething that the fathers of family They have tried many times, for generations, without being able to silence the children who end up having a sore throat, while the moms and dads do it with raw nerves.

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No lullabies, which mostly fail with exhausted parents trying their best to stop their baby from crying.

Science has an effective solution.

Scientists have developed a “recipe” for you drink stopping crying takes a maximum of 13 minutes, 10 minutes if you’re lucky.

Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Brain Sciences in Japan claim that the trick to calming a baby crying is to hold him for 5 minutes, then sit with him for 5-8 minutes, before placing him in his crib.

The science team hopes their discovery will provide a short-term solution for crying babies.

scientific explanation

“For many, parenting is intuitive and we listen to other people’s advice on parenting, not testing the methods against rigorous science. Many parents suffer from babies crying at night.said Kumi Kuroda, corresponding author of the study.

“But we need science to understand human behavior. you drinkbecause they are much more complex and diverse than one would think”indicated in statements collected by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Kuroda pointed out that “this is a very important problem, especially for inexperienced parents, which can lead to stress of the the fathers and even baby abuse in a small number of cases.”

The study is based on the fact that many altricial mammals – those born immature and unable to care for themselves – have an innate reaction to crying called the transport response.

For example, mice, dogs, and monkeys pick up their babies and start walking, which makes the baby sleepy.

transport response

Researchers believe that the transport response may also help calm human babies. To test this, the team compared responses from 21 you drink who cried in four conditions: in their mothers’ arms, in their mothers’ arms sitting, lying in a motionless cradle or in a rocking cradle.

The study was based on animal observation and the so-called transport response. Photo: stock.

Their observations revealed that when the mother walked wearing the babythe crying child calmed down and his heart rate dropped in just 30 seconds.

A similar effect was observed when placed at the baby in a rocking cradle.

However, when the mother held the baby seated or placed in a motionless cradle, the baby did not calm down.

This suggests that carrying alone is not enough to calm a baby crying and instead movement is needed to activate the transport response.

Specifically, the researchers found that the effect was most evident when hugging and walking lasted five minutes, during which time all you drink they stopped mourn and half asleep.

However, when the mothers tried to put their you drinkmore than a third woke up within 20 seconds.

Researchers suggest that mothers continue to hold their you drink before putting them to bed, even if they seem sound asleep.

“As a mother of four children, I was very surprised with the result. I thought that babies waking up when put to bed had to do with how they were placed in the bed, like posture or smoothness of movement,” Kuroda explained. “But our experience has not supported these general assumptions,” referred.

The trick is to hold them for 5 minutes, sit them for 5-8 minutes, then place them in the crib.
The trick is to hold them for 5 minutes, sit them for 5-8 minutes, then place them in the crib.

3 step recipe

Based on these results, the researchers offer a three-step “recipe” for calming a crying baby:

1. Hug the crying baby in your arms and walk with him for five minutes.

of them. Sit down and hold the baby for another five to eight minutes.

3. lay it down

The team hopes the method will provide an immediate solution to crying babies, although they are not sure if it will improve long-term sleep.



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