Recommendations and stories to help your child sleep

According to a study carried out by the company Colchones Spring, 25% of children in the country have trouble falling asleepa situation which has been accentuated especially since the time of the quarantine.

Currently, between 25 and 30% of consultations with pediatricians and specialists are linked to this type of disorder and, in this, the role of parents in helping their children to have a deep and restorative sleep is very important. Even the same study showed that 60% of parents of children between 1 and 10 years old do not sleep well.

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Even before birth, children have brain neurons capable of exercising as “biological clock”, and control of sleep and wakefulness it is determined by this biological clock which allows the child to sleep at certain times and to be awake at others.

How this biological clock works affected by environmental conditions of light and dark, so that in the dark, the brain secretes a hormone called melatonin, which facilitates sleep, and is stopped by outside light. From the third month, you learn to synchronize these two pieces of information, so that you can begin to reconcile sleep and understanding the transition from day to night.

Symptoms that indicate your child has sleep problems

Some of the psychological or behavioral causes that lead to sleep problems in children are:

  • Bad habits: Such as excessive use of digital screens (mobile phones, tablets)
  • Stress: Due to childhood fears such as the dark, separation anxiety, or family issues
  • Medical episodes: allergies, pain such as colic or ear infections (very common in children). Also nocturnal enuresis (sphincter control) or taking medication.

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good night stories

To help alleviate this situation, Spring Mattresses is launching good night storiesan original idea that It will make it easier for parents so that their minor children can sleep better.

They are tales for children, reminiscent of the customs of a few years ago, in which a voice that tells a story cradles and entertains the little one, downloadable for free on Spotify, YouTube or the Colchones Spring page.

The theme is based on the story of a pair of brothers, Noah and Serena, who are starting to have many adventures with their family and in which they will find new best friends. Every week, a new chapter will be uploaded on the platforms, which begins with a children’s song called Shooting Star. The first 3 stories are:

  1. Story 1: land of sweetness
  2. Story 2: a fantastic pet
  3. Story 3: Deep

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Other recommendations for good sleep in children

  • Make sure the child gets enough sleep, keeping an age-appropriate schedule for going to bed and getting up.
  • Maintain regular hours during the week and on weekends.
  • Establish a routine before going to bed: pajamas, brushing your teeth, reading something or any activity that relaxes you.
  • Dress him in comfortable clothes, if necessary absorbent layers, to prevent him from waking up wet.
  • Encourage him to sleep alone.
  • Avoid bright light before bedtime and at night.
  • Keep electrical devices turned off or out of the room and limit their use before going to bed.
  • Make sure your child exercises during the day.


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