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From the moment many people discover that they will be parents for the first time, fears and worries grow, becoming, in some cases, even an obstacle to enjoying this wonderful stage.

But as the weeks of pregnancy go by, the fears increase, adding to it all the myths and beliefs that exist among family and friends, that sometimes the only thing they get is to make you feel worse and believe that you don’t. you’re not well.

For all these reasons, being committed to the arrival of a newborn is of the utmost importance, a role that WaterWipes, the most prestigious brand in the world to be the only one to create products that do not contain chemicals or substances harmful to baby’s skin, is entirely responsible for manufacturing the purest baby wipes in the world.

These products, which have become essential in baby hygiene and grooming, are made by WaterWipes with only 2 natural ingredients: 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, a unique alternative that only this brand offers in different countries.

And as part of that commitment to newborn health, WaterWipes and Dr. Roberto Somocurcio created the book My baby has arrived! And now what? being aware that there are a series of logical concerns around the responsibility of having a child, without letting fears “paralyze us”.

“This book is a tool for new parents to face parenthood without fear and equipped with real knowledge and tools. When a baby arrives, there is a lot of joy, a lot of emotion, but also fear and with this book we try to help them”, commented the doctor.

How did the creation of the book begin?

This interesting project started during a pandemic, where WaterWipes was inspired by new parents, who not only had to deal with the thought of having a newborn baby at home, but were also battling a virus that was rampant around the world. entire. The first and only option has always been to launch a printed book that solves doubts and questions in the simplest way, but based on a specialist in the subject.

For this reason, they have sought the support of Dr. Roberto Somocurcio, with whom they have worked day after day on a useful guide, so that all new parents can be advised in the best way: with essential data that explains each step of the process. a new born.

“We are often exposed to so much information that we find on social networks and on the Internet or that we hear from our family and friends, that far from helping us, it generates anxiety and We are overwhelmed and not sure if we are doing it right,” WaterWipes representatives explained.

They also underlined that in Latin America, they chose Peru to produce this book which will avoid calming certain alerts of new parents. “For example, if our son has a small pimple, or sneezes, we run to the emergency room of the hospital, where we even expose him to other dangers, especially at this stage of the pandemic that we are still experiencing”, detail the responsibles. of the project.

Diverse topics

In My baby is here! And now what? We will be able to find a wide variety of topics, from the first bowel movements of the baby to the reasons why he cries nonstop, all duly detailed, which will immediately resolve the fears that haunt the heads of new parents.

But that’s not all, we will also find a section entitled “myths and truths” which have been maintained over time and often become a puzzle. “They made us believe that if the baby cries and you carry him, he’ll get used to it, or if he has a fever, it’s because a tooth will come out, and that’s not is not real” explain the specialists.

Information on social networks

The creators of “My baby is here!” And now what?” They also warn that all the information we find on social networks is not real. For this reason, this book has the support of a specialist in pediatrics, who is the author of the document and is commits 100% to the project to come up with a useful guide.

Best of all, they point out, it’s written and designed in such a way that you don’t have to read it cover to cover to understand the message, as it has an index specified by topics, sections and tips.

“This book is not only for new parents, it can also be a gift for a baby shower, it is useful information for women who want to prepare themselves as aunts, godmothers and who want to be involved in the birth of a baby.” specify the authors.

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