Meg Meeker’s “3 A’s” to protect your daughter from danger

Renowned pediatrician and popularizer Meg Meeker warns of the relationship between promiscuity and depression in teens, and offers parents a simple guideline to improve their relationship with their children (especially their daughters) and “keep them out.” of danger “

She is one of the most prestigious educational promoters in the world and for 25 years she has managed to make every book she publishes Bestseller international. The secret of the American pediatrician Meg Meeker It is neither more nor less than taking advantage of each intervention, conference or interview to provide parents with practical advice, anchored both in neuroscience and in an anthropology far removed from politically correct ideologies and discourse.

One of Dr. Meeker’s latest talks – whose bestselling book “Strong Fathers, Happy Daughters” (Editorial Ciudadela, 2010) has just been made into a movie and will soon be released in North American theaters – took place at the Online Love Talks Congress, organized by the IFFD (International Federation for Family Development) and whose presentations are accessible until December.

The problems of promiscuity

Meeker, a member of the North American Pediatric Association, denounces “the hypersexualization of society” and warns that “There is a direct relationship between depressed and sexually active adolescents.” Furthermore, he notes that “40% of sexually active adolescent girls between the ages of 14 and 18 recognize that have sex they really don’t want to have, but can’t say no, because no one tells them they shouldn’t go that way.”

This early initiation into sexuality “also wreaks physical havoc on adolescents, through sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STDs), many of which will last a lifetime, says the doctor. And he gives data: in 2022, 14 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 will suffer from some type of sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia or the human papillomavirus, in the United States alone. Or what is the same, 1 in 3 in that age group.

The 3A rule

In her intervention, the pediatrician reviews some of the causes of these figures and points out 3 keys to parents, in the form of 3A, “to keep their sons, and in particular their daughters, away from danger”. For while this advice is as valid for mothers and fathers as it is for children, Meeker points out that “Fathers need to understand that for their daughters they are their first love, their introduction to male love, and that is why they teach them how men should love and care for them”.


The first instruction is to “watch out for them”. “Put the phone aside; When you enter the room, say hello and make eye contact. And 15 minutes a week, decide to spend time alone with your child, especially with your daughters: go to the garden, kick a ball, take her shopping, go out for an ice cream or a coffee if she’s older… it doesn’t matter: it shouldn’t be long, but when you show your full attention, she feels important and valued,” she explains.

of themAffected.

Attention is followed by affection. “You have to hug him, touch his shoulders, stroke his head …”, underlines the pediatrician. At this point, Meeker, who is one of America’s most popular speakers, details how “some parents with 14 or 15 year old daughters often tell me ‘no, no, you don’t know my daughter, she can “I can’t stand being around me. But that’s not true. Yes, you can. Yes she wants and needs affection, what happens is that she feels very bad with herself”. So “if your daughter leaves, don’t take it personally and continue to give her affection,” he advises.


Finally, Meeker recalls the need to “cultivate affirmation”, or what amounts to the same thing, “find the qualities of your character [no cualidades físicas] whom you admire, and affirm them in it”. Something like “I know you work very hard, you don’t like violin or math, but you persevere even when you feel discouraged”.

And he concludes: “Fathers and mothers, if you strive to give your sons, and especially your daughters, these three things: attention, affection and affirmation, you will win their hearts and lead them away from danger”.


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