Marie Kondo and her teachings for tidying up with children

The passion for order runs through the veins of apartment mary perhaps from birth and it is she who assures it in her own book”the magic of order”, it is therefore not surprising the unbridled success that this author has managed to obtain in the world of organization and the order of things foyer. But after becoming a mother and entering this new stage of personal development, where the simple fact of maintaining the order that she proclaims so much has managed to become a challenge and this is due to the small children and the difficulties encountered in obtaining their son can collaborate in a way that helps order.

Frustration invaded her whole body and mind as she herself describes on her official website and it is that now the “control technique for my house they did not work and also having my second daughter I did not even have the energy needed to deal with many of the practices and tasks that I usually do in my spaces”. Therefore the famous magician of order I need to rethink your strategies and adapt them to foyer where they actually exist kids small and which would work perfectly for the many mothers who want orderly spaces that generate happiness and joy.

Marie Kondo’s tips for tidying up with children

The best tips of Marie Kondo to realize the spaces with the eldest order When there is kids and that they must also be accompanied by the indulgence that being a mother succeeds in teaching, a joy that undoubtedly comes from raising children and the just satisfaction of maintaining a home that loves to be Neat and tidy. You must therefore bear in mind that the level of demand for yourself must decrease and of course involve the little ones in the order, let’s see how to achieve this effectively, according to this expert.

toy organization

The toys They retain the versatility to multiply and spread throughout the home with incredible ease and the only way to win the battle is to assign in advance a square to each of them and of course include the children in this process. This exemplification will allow them to understand the right place where belong The toys and get their help to put them away, once the toys are used.

respect the organization take care of things

This process will develop a mindfulness both of the things they own and the specific place they belong to, while creating a sense of belonging between the child and the toy, where the Be careful and the respect towards these items, which generates a caring attitude towards the things we use and therefore towards the toys, this system is great and very successful for the child take care, order and store the toy in its place.

Keep spaces clean with example towards them

Children keep a learning based on Exampleso the first task before we can teach them anything about cleaning is to make sure that we adults have come to the end of our command tasks. Teach them that tidying up and playing are high affinity processes and they usually go hand in hand, so after they are a year old or when they start to walk you need to instruct and encourage them to to safeguard each of his business after using them. This step is perfect so that when you no longer feel joy for certain objects, it may be time to let them go, thus eliminating the disastrous habit of hoarding from your mind.

Mother-son interaction tasks

Involve them in cleaning tasks

Cleaning, ordering and storing are tasks that are done daily and it is best to get a good interaction where he infant Participate actively in each of these actions. For example, folding clothes is a great activity for children to help you without any danger and where they will surely not do it as professionals, but they will be develop and create nail attitude positive where they will associate the end of these actions with order, in addition to taking care of each of the objects that we use on a daily basis.

Children and housework, a task that is not impossible

Married condominium He showed it again and he was able to imply on their own son (in his case 2 girls: Satsuki and Miko) in the different tasks of order and hygiene household objects and it is that simplicity is again the protagonist used by the star of order in homes. Direct and simple explanations generate the feeling that ordering is part of the gamegenerate and create a home for everything and keep in mind the spatial limitations of your home environments are the strategies and tips most important for the small can help you keep orderin addition to working wonderfully well to create a doctrine where order, cleanliness and correct storage prevail.

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