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A few days ago, a television host announced the end of her marriage after two years of relationship with a businessman. The separation is a sensitive topic when the couple has minor children, as this new family dynamic can affect the offspring emotionally, if they have not spoken to the parents before. In this regard, the psychologist Mayra Velásquez Puelles indicated that it is necessary for parents to explain to their children that their relationship as parents will be maintained, but now there will be certain changes to live in harmony.

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“A divorce destabilizes the family system; generates economic, emotional and social breakdowns. This can be avoided if the couple has psychologically prepared the family and a conciliation is concluded in favor of the children, who are the most affected and can develop learning and behavioral problems and isolation, characteristics generated by divorce .comment.

If you are going through a similar situation, follow these tips:

1. Talk about the subject with the children, use simple and clear language; give explanations according to their age.

2. Try to convey a message of tranquility, do not speak ill of the father or the mother.

3. Explain to the children the new family dynamics after the separation. It is necessary to organize the days that each parent must share with their children.

4. Clarify children’s doubts and questions, do not criticize them but understand them emotionally. It is important to give confidence.

5. Be aware of the changes that divorce generates in children. Avoid arguments in front of children, blame and stay calm.

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If you detect any of these signs in your children, go to a psychologist: Fear of abandonment, frequent crying, aggressiveness, increased temper tantrums, tantrums, sadness, reluctance, feelings of guilt and stopping to eat.

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Nail to break up brings with it various feelings. Resentment, rejection and even hatred. There are few times that a couple ends their relationship by mutual consent for the benefit of the mental health of both and children, if any.

“No one is ready to end a relationship. There will always be sadness, pain and anger. you’re me”. In a breakup, one of the two ends up more hurt, that’s when arguments and claims arise”, comments the psychologist Pilar Biba.

The specialist indicates that To end a relationship in a healthy way, it takes a lot of emotional maturity, empathy and the desire to move on even when you feel like everything is falling apart. Also, make sure it’s not healthy to be friends with your ex. The best thing is that for a while they have no communication.

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keep the good memories

At one point, that person you say you hate and “wish him the worst” was the love of your life. There is no point in being filled with resentment and asking for explanations. It is enough for one of the two to stop feeling the same thing for the relationship to sink.

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Don’t act impulsively

Even in the worst of crises, use reason. If you need time to meditate, reflect and breathe, do it! When you’re brash, you don’t make the best decisions. And often we say things without thinking.

Happy parents, emotionally healthy children

If there are children involved, remember that they will always be a team. Whether your children grow up happy is up to you. Learn to separate roles. Maybe he failed as a husband, but that doesn’t make him a bad father.


More and more couples are choosing to receive psychological help or counseling when deciding to separate, as they prioritize their emotional well-being and that of their children.


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