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Online stores like Amazon they have become a resource for readers, making it easier and faster to purchase books, especially for those who don’t have as much time available to visit bookstores or libraries.

Relieve sadness, help manage anxiety, induce great emotions such as happiness, cultivate ourselves and make our imagination fly, books create experiences and pleasures to those who like to read and have made it a habit in their lives.

Self-help works, sci-fi, fantasy, comic, comedy, mystery, suspense, romance, travel and more, literature remained in the taste of the publicadapting to advances in technology, since it is now possible to read not only in physical format, but also through mobile phones, tablets, computers, among other tools.

However, there is a problem: given the variety of titles and authors that appear every day around the world, it can be difficult to choose the next book to read, but in response to this, there are already rankings that make it easier to read books. in love with the decision.

below a list of best-selling books on Amazon Spain this Saturday, September 17 and some brief reviews:

1. count the sunsets

Author: The blonde neighbor

Number of pages: 544

IT’S NOT WHERE, IT’S WITH WHOM Sometimes fate insists on constantly putting one person in front of you, and if I’ve learned anything over time, it’s that life can give you a second chance. After my father died, an impromptu trip with my friend Laura gave me first the “who”: Javi, then the “where”: his island. This intense summer has brought mixed emotions to my life: the uncertainty of a future where Lucía has become my highest priority and reunions with people from the past who have never left. And it only takes a few seconds to go from the most absolute happiness to infinite doubts. The same seconds it takes for the sun to set. And so, counting the sunsets, I could discover that with each sunset comes the promise of a new day. The blonde neighbor returns to make us fall in love with a funny, exciting and addictive story full of laughter, tears and feelings on the surface. Counting the Sunsets comes after his first successful book The Summer Countdown. This new novel invites us to reflect, to enjoy life and sunsets with their lights and shadows. And this represents a decisive step forward in his literary career through a story full of nuances, humor and above all feelings in the purest and most original style of this anonymous author.

of them. Baccalaureate key 1. Student’s book. 2nd Edition (2nd Baccalaureate Key) – 9780194832564

Author:Patrick Howard

Number of pages: 199

Key 2nd edition 1 high school

3. Tears of Shiva: 1 (PERISCOPE)

Author: Cesar Mallorqui Del Corral

Number of pages: 240

Once, a long time ago, I saw a ghost. Yes, a ghost, an apparition, a spirit; You can call it what you want, the fact is I saw it. It happened the same year that man landed on the Moon and, although there were times when I was very scared, this story is not what is usually called a romance novel. ‘horror. –It all started with an enigma: the mystery of a very precious object that has been lost for seven decades. Shiva’s Tears was the name of this lost object. Around him were cross vengeances and forbidden loves and strange disappearances.–There was a ghost, yes, and an old secret hidden in the shadows, but there was also much more.

Four. Invisible (ink cloud)

Author: Eloy Moreno

Number of pages: 304

Emotional, moving, different… Invisible tells, through the eyes of a child, a story that could be that of any of us. Who has never wanted to be invisible, who has never wanted to stop being invisible? “The problem is that I’ve never been able to control that power well: sometimes when I wanted to be invisible the most, it was when more people saw me and instead when I wanted everyone see me was when my body gave up.Reviews:“A book that shows us little by little the pieces of a puzzle that we as readers have to put together in order to get a complete view of the story that is told to us. Hard, real and necessary. I highly recommend it.”IG Literary Chaos”This book makes you want to think about it and be a better person.”IG Lioncourt”A book that I loved. A moving story, totally necessary and touching the heart.” IG Iris de AsomoPremios: Eloy Moreno, with his novel Invisible, is the winner of the 1st Yoleo Prize for reading for young people, awarded by the Platform, which promotes reading among the youngest. A novel of heartbreaking authenticity that is felt and endured on every page. Highly recommended, with no age limit. A novel that opens your eyes to a reality that has nothing to do with fiction. » Blog Il was once a book

5. Spanish language and literature I 1st Baccalaureate. Student’s book. GENiOX PRO

Author: Ricardo Lobato Morchon

Number of pages:

A prepared and committed GENERATION. Baccalaureate. GENiOX is Oxford’s new pedagogical project for the Baccalaureate adapted to LOMLOE. It is a common experience to build the future that connects to new ways of learning and teaching; creates a personalized, inclusive and quality educational environment; enables students to develop their full potential for success in academic and professional life. Published on: 2022-05-20

6. Cleanliness, Order, and Happiness: Small Tricks for Solving Big Disasters (Practice)

Author: Bego the Ordinator

Number of pages: 256

NOT IN TEN LIVES YOU WOULD HAVE GUESSED THE THOUSAND AND ONE USES OF HAIRSCREAM. HAIR PRODUCT? FORGET! AFTER READING THIS BOOK, YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO WORRY ANYMORE. Maintaining cleanliness and order at home can become a real source of stress in the midst of the unstoppable daily life that we carry, but seeing the Ordinator, we can believe that everything is possible. Bego is the mother of seven children and a tireless worker and in the midst of all this she has become the great prescriber of cleaning in Spain. No stain or discoloration can resist it! Practical advice, unthinkable tricks and alchemical mixtures that you would not have imagined, but which will make cleaning your home a breeze. A house we want to reach is a house and getting it is easier than it looks. If she can, why not you? Just follow his advice! The infallible guide with all the tricks of Bego, the Ordinator, so that no domestic drama can resist you

seven. Greek myths (cocktail collection) – 9788431690656

Author: Miguel Tristan

Number of pages: 119

8. PRIZE EDEBÉ 2015: Lie: 71 (Periscope)

Author: Santos treatments

Number of pages: 252

Xenia struggles to get top grades, driven by the illusion of going into medical school, but lately her performance has plummeted. And it is that Xenia has fallen in love, but not with a boy from her environment, but with a ghost, a voice that has emerged from the Internet with whom she shares her passion for reading. As Xenia is determined and her virtual love refuses a date, she sets out to surprise him, so she begins her investigations with the little information she has. And everything turns out to be fake, a lie, neither the photo nor the name is real. Who really is your soul mate? Repentant of having abandoned her studies, she confesses everything to her parents, convinced that she was the victim of an unscrupulous person. But soon an unexpected package will reveal the identity of the boy with whom she shared her most intimate emotions. It comes from a juvenile prison and contains the story of a murderer.

9. Bach 1 mindset SB spa 2020

Author: Vv.Aa

Number of pages: 150

ten. Illustrated Latin Dictionary. Latin-Spanish/ Spanish-Latin (VOX – Classical Languages)

Author: Editorial voice

Number of pages: 864

*Note: Some books may not have an author, page number or description because the platform does not provide them.

Spain and its readers

The International Book Fair of Spain (Liber). Photo: Liber

According Reading and book buying habits barometerpresented this year by the Ministry of Culture, 64.4% of Spaniards read books for leisure in 2021 and 52.7% of them did so at least once a week.

These figures are similar to those of 2020, when there was a significant increase in both leisure book readers and frequent readers (64.0% and 52.7% respectively). As regards the number of Spaniards who read at least one book in 2021both for leisure and for work, reaches 67.9% of the population.

These figures show that although activities outside the home have recovered after the coronavirus pandemic, books as a means of escaping confinement have increased the habit of reading in the country.

In contrast, the Barometer reflects a drop in the percentage of readers of books in digital format representing 29.4% of the population, compared to 30.3% recorded in 2020.

In addition, 12.3% of Spaniards read books in digital format via reading lights and 10.7% did the tablets. Computer reading reached 9.5% and mobile phone saw an increase in the percentage of people using this device to read books from 6.2% to 7.3%.


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