Bego, The Orderly, his secret of order and cleanliness

Begoña Pérez became famous for her alter ego on the networks, Bego, la Ordenatriz, become a reference in the world of cleanliness and order at home. And he succeeded thanks to his practical tips to make your life easier and happier. He has already gained more than 600,000 followers on his Instagram and is also enjoying success with his book ‘Cleanliness, order and happiness’ (Planet) and it is that, as she confesses, “a tidy and clean house contributes positively to peace of mind”. Bego, as she likes to be called, is a mother of seven childrenadmits to being a bit messy and trained as an organizer after studying Advertising and Public Relations and worked in the family interior design workshop. So who better than her to survive running the house.

You have become the go-to influencer for cleanliness and order. It is clear that everyone needs a computer at home.

Yes, we all have disasters to solve. And maybe the key is that with my tips, I’m not looking for perfection but to help you solve these disasters, save you time and make your home more enjoyable. People like my stuff and they help them, but as an influencer I don’t see myself (laughs), I’m tired of influencing my kids.

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You have 7 children, how are you doing at home? is that a bit crazy?

Well yes, badly, I can’t lie, I want to show the reality but I live it with a lot of joy and it helps me a lot to grow. It seems like it gives me a lot of work and people can see it negatively, but for me it’s a daily and constant challenge and a joy.

Do you practice your tips and tricks at home?

I share with my subscribers what I do at home. My account is very seasonal. Sometimes I don’t have the disaster in question but I ask my friends things and do it because the key is to try and then talk about it.

Two years ago you had the account, but since the pandemic you have increased your follower count by 100%. How do you live it?

I forward my advice, I try to respond to my followers one by one, but it got out of control. I was hysterical answering until I realized I was never going to come. I am fulfilled, excited, grateful… It was due to the affection of the followers and a need of the people because we all have places and we need an order. And they saw that I’m real when I do things.

First you succeed with your networks and now with your book ‘Cleanliness, order and happiness’. How is all this going?

When I started with the Instagram account, I became known as a professional organizer and I had a job going to homes to help them place an order, but the pandemic came and everything stopped . Those of us who couldn’t go out to work saw the disaster at home: the rusty screw, the furniture that didn’t fit… We realize that houses need repairs and solutions and I start with tips and tricks on the networks and people are starting to ask. Word of mouth is making its appearance and until now.

bego, the orderly, with his book 'cleanliness, order and happiness'

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The title of the book ‘Cleanliness, order and happiness’ sums up a successful cocktail. How is it achieved?

We do not have to blame ourselves for the disaster, but to find a solution. When you have things more or less tidy, which I’m not saying perfect, because the house is made to be used and enjoyed, it’s time to apply some cleaning tips. But the important thing is that you don’t lose your nerves so as not to lose your happiness.

Neat looks like a governess, isn’t that kinda scary?

It’s a compromised name but when I opened the Instagram account the order names I was looking at got taken and I searched for that one. I am a governess of the order, I will teach the order, that’s what I learned. And the key is that I do it despite not being very clean or messy.

It was you who never found the keys, but a family situation made you rethink everything, didn’t it?

In my case with the loss of my father, although it can happen in other life processes, I sink a little in grief, my confusion overwhelms me, I was all sleeve by shoulder, I was confused by appointments you children… Until I say to myself: I don’t want that. And Marie Kondo’s book fell into my hands. At first, when I read about saying goodbye to things and thanking them before getting rid of them, I thought that didn’t correspond to anything in Spanish culture. But I started ordering at home and I saw that it is a necessary step and that order affects the material and the spiritual.

You studied Advertising and Public Relations, you worked in the family business of Interior Design and then you trained as a professional organizer.

Yes, I really liked the renovations and the decoration but I saw that people need to have things tidy and tidy, and to think about the furniture so that it is practical and does not get in the way. Therefore, I was trained in this. But before ordering and locating it, it must be clean.

bego, the orderly, with his book 'cleanliness, order and happiness'

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And being compared to the Spanish Marie Kondo, what do you think?

I feel good. It is a pride. She revolutionized the world of order and I hope she looks like me because I can’t reach the sole of my shoe.

This is modesty because you are revolutionizing the world of cleanliness and order.

(Laugh). You can see that it was necessary, I had no such aspirations at all.

Do you have more followers or followers?

More subscribers.

It looks like we need to keep moving forward in this area.

It’s true that we are all more and more involved in things around the house, but it’s true and I don’t want to throw stones at my roof that there are things that women know better do or there are tasks in which the weight must be carried by a single person who does not have to be the woman.

How do you organize yourself at home?

Homework is assigned by my husband and myself. But washing machines are best organized by one person, and I know how to keep that order, not because I do it myself, but because I have a routine. The important thing is that all family members, including children, have a task, because this autonomy promotes self-esteem even if they are sometimes lazy. In families as big as mine and even the smallest ones, if you don’t do your job, it doesn’t get done. And we parents can’t do it from behind.

What is your favorite household chore?

Ironing relaxes me. I’m quiet and I think and put things in my mind. Sometimes I put on a podcast. And that I don’t iron much. There are many of us and I try to apply the hand and bent iron and that’s it. Clean stains from a fabric I love.

bego, the orderly, with his book 'cleanliness, order and happiness'

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And what do you like the least?

Cleaning the dust I hate that, way more than doing the bathrooms.

You claim products for life and almost do magic with them.

I understand that everyone knows how to use the commercial product and we all need it. But there are products that we do not know how to use well and which can also get us out of trouble with patience, such as baking soda or vinegar. Moreover, I try to apply everything that can tend towards ecology.

Any advice for getting the budget to the end of the month?

It seems incredible, but when you have things in order, the material influences the spiritual so much that you know how to prioritize and eliminate an unnecessary expense or invest in a necessary expense.

Your most effective advice?

The one with hairspray (for example, she uses it to remove discolorations from red clothes by spraying them on the front and back of the fabric).

You just released the book, what plans do you have?

I’m going little by little, I want to become aware of what I’m going through and not let myself be overwhelmed by this whirlwind. You have to live in the present.

What are they telling you at home?

They hallucinate in colors, that they stop me in the street and recognize me makes them proud. Sometimes, yes, I am up to a thousand to respond to followers and there it is difficult for them. I have to brake but it bothers me not to respond and it has also become a kind of vice.

Bego’s ‘Cleanliness, Order and Happiness’, The Orderly, is a practical guide with all the tips and secrets so that no household disaster can resist you. Everything about stains, cleaning products and organization in the different rooms of the house.

Cleanliness, Order, and Happiness: Small Tricks for Solving Big Disasters (Practice)

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