Back to school 2022: 5 tips to save when buying the list of school supplies

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Next Monday, August 29, will be the back to school of millions of students in basic education, so their mothers and fathers are already doing their “homework” to complete the supply list schoolchildren before the start of the new school year.

For this reason, it is common these days to see hundreds of families visiting stationery stores or other businesses in search of the best prices to buy everything they need: pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pens, notebooks, colors , etc.

At the same time, other mothers and fathers are looking for other options so that their daughters and sons return to school with everything they need without seeing their pockets badly affected.

5 tips to save on school supplies this back to school

These are some tips consulted with mothers and fathers who have assured that these have helped them on more than one occasion to be able to complete the list of supplies for their daughters and sons.

1 Find the best prices and offers

The first piece of advice from most householders is to shop around for school supplies in the lowest priced places.

For example, in most cases, the most affordable prices on school supplies are found in stores that focus primarily on wholesale, such as those on Calle de Mesones in Mexico City’s Historic Center (CDMX).

In addition, at the start of the school year, self-service stores, as well as those that sell office and school supplies, generally offer deals on school supplies, so it is sometimes cheaper to buy them at one of these establishments. instead of going to the Center. .

2 Buy supplies in bulk

It is very common for elementary and middle school students to constantly lose pencil, pen, sharpener, etc., which is why it is convenient for many fathers and mothers to buy this kind of school supplies by boxes or packages.

In this case, the stores of the CDMX Center could be the most suitable, since in the different places that are near Mesones you can buy boxes of 12 pens for around 35 pesos; packs of 10 pencils for 50 pesos, or packs of 10 colored boxes for 100 pesos.

3 Recycle notebooks from previous years

In most cases, at the end of a school year, students are left with a few notebooks that have a large number of clean sheets, so moms and dads recommend reusing these notebooks for their daughters and sons to take. the grades they need in the first few weeks of school, until they have a notebook for each of their subjects.

There are other cases in which this trick is taken to the next level and consists of assembling new complete notebooks -100 pages- with the remains of others already used; this can be achieved in three simple steps:

  • Remove the spiral from used notebooks that have clean pages (preferably several).
  • Once with the loose sheets, separate all the clean sheets and join them until you complete the 100 sheets of a notebook.
  • Finally, choose the best covers from the notebooks you have taken apart and place them in the new notebook to unite everything by placing the spiral again.

4 Reuse school supplies from previous years

You can also bring other types of school supplies to life by putting other pieces together.

It is very common for the geometry game to break in the students’ backpack, so it is sometimes incomplete without a square, a protractor and more commonly without the ruler; but it can be used by assembling the pieces of several to make complete sets for a new school year.

Another case of supplies that get lost a lot is colored pencils, in which case the 12 colors that come in a box can be completed using those from other incomplete sets.

5 Buy the most basic school supplies

In something that pretty much all moms and dads also agree on is that the most practical thing is to buy the most basic notebooks, with no cartoon illustrations or anything like that, because these turn out to be more expensive and in most cases they have to be lined, so there is no point in buying them because in the end they will not be seen.

These tips can help moms and dads save a little while shopping for the school supply list so that their daughters and sons who are in preschool, elementary, or high school go back to class next Monday, August 29.


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