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A new school year has begun and parenting concerns have increased. The concerns of co-parents can be a little more complex and require a little more attention to detail. The co-parenting lifestyle can be hard, scary, or even seem impossible, but it does not have to be complicated.

An expert on this topic, Alysha Price, founder of The Price Dynamic, is a self-proclaimed, Family Lifestyle Influencer. Featured on Oprah Winfrey’s “Love and Marriage Huntsville,” Price promotes healthy and cooperative co-parenting- by supporting single parents in navigating what co-parenting looks like for them.

Although she works with all families, a lot of her work is aimed at exposing Black families to the option of professional mediation.

“What I have found is a lot of families, especially families in the Black community, are not unfamiliar with what it means to co-parent. [However], we talk a lot less about what it takes to do that. It is very easy to run away, but to stick around and learn how to evolve as parents- that are not in a [romantic] relationship- is a very hard thing to do,” said Price.

Knowing how to get along with the other parent and make wise, egoless decisions, during the start of a new school year, can also increase parenting stresses. With thousands of children back in school, Price has some practical advice for both parents and co-parents to organize the school year:

  • Consider who will attend appointments and meetings.
  • Find an ally in the school to keep them updated on big changes in the family.
  • Find adequate space in each co-parent home for the child to study and do homework.
  • Have adequate technology and resources to complete homework.
  • Find out what the child wants in the plan, giving them a sense of control.
  • Have clear talking points around Covid-19 and community safety at each home.
  • Have clear rules regarding drop offs, pick-ups, and technology use.
  • Design a coparenting plan/agreement, that does not affect the child’s sleep or school schedule.

“Sit with your children so you can know exactly where they are academically,” added Price. “In regards to technology, before fighting this fight, be careful what battles you pick. Technology is not the problem. What they are watching is the problem. The form of technology used could be the problem. Find educational shows to watch together. Find some educational things to play together. You can use that time to be together instead of as a tool to babysit.”

Price is also a co-parent. This makes her passion both professional and personal. As a part of her own healing, she authored, “It’s Not Complicated,” an inspirational guide designed to help mothers move from ambivalent to confident in their co-parenting relationships. “Writing the book was therapeutic for me,” said Price. The book also helped Price gain trust in the parenting community.

Price would like to offer one more tip. Families can try the app, ‘Life360’. It lets families know the locations of each person listed in the app. “This can help parents keep updated on their child’s [whereabouts]while having minimal interactions with the other co-parent if desired,” said Price.

For the mental, physical, and emotional health of our children-during the school year- it is important that we have positive and effective co-parenting strategies. Designing and implementing a co-parenting agreement, while staying focused on the needs of the child, is the best place to start. You can also find a neutral third party to help.

If you are in need of co-parenting mediation or other parenting tips, you can reach Price’s organization at She is ready to help.

Brandi D. Phillips is a Wealth Coach, herbalist, freelance writer, mother of two, life partner, and lifelong learner. If you have questions of concerns, you can reach her at [email protected]


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