Why do you need pet insurance before winter

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There are more risks for your dog and cat at this time.

key point

  • Vet bills can be expensive.
  • Cold weather brings with it the danger of slipping on ice and frostbite.
  • Your pets are also threatened by your vacation decor and visitors to your home who may not know your routine or what your pet can or cannot eat.

If you have pets, chances are you love them like family, and the holiday season is the perfect time to be grateful. Personally, I am happy to have my three cats, they bring me so much joy. Although we love our pets, we probably don’t love the money they cost us in the form of food, toys and especially veterinary care. The good news is that for a fixed cost per month, you can purchase a pet insurance policy that can help cover some of these medical costs.

Pet insurance coverage comes in a few different flavors. There are policies that can help cover the cost of routine and preventative care, such as wellness visits, annual injections, and flea and tick treatments. Where pet insurance really shines, however, is in reimbursing pet owners for accidents, illnesses, and major medical care for their pets.

While reimbursing vet bills to pet owners is a more common practice with pet insurers, you can also find some that will pay your vet directly, saving you the hassle of whipping out your credit card on the spot in the office. from the veterinarian.

If you’ve been considering pet insurance and you’re just trying to decide when to get a policy, now is the time to move on. Why? Winter can be dangerous for your pets, due to a number of dangers that just aren’t as common during the rest of the year. Here are some examples.

cold temperature

Some people like the cold and the snow — I’m not one of them. But as a human being, I have the ability to bundle up in warm clothes (and complain). Your pets have fewer options to cope with, and it’s important to be on the lookout for hypothermia and frostbite during the winter. Earpads and earmolds can be particularly sensitive parts of your pet’s body, so make sure they’re not left outside longer than necessary in extreme temperatures. Your pet can also be at risk of slipping accidents on ice and snow, so be careful on those winter walks. Additionally, certain health conditions can cause your pets even more discomfort in cold weather, such as osteoarthritis in older pets. If your pet suffers from a cold-related health issue, you’ll be happy to have pet insurance.


Many people travel for vacation, often taking their dogs with them. But being in an unfamiliar environment can lead to the possibility of more accidents. If your pup is joining you for the New Year’s celebration at your parents’ house and they haven’t secured their home, you could end up with a big bill if the pup chews and swallows something dangerous. And if you’ve been on a family trip and end up in a car accident, your pet could be injured. Although some car insurance policies cover a driver’s pets, not all do.

Visitors to your home

Conversely, having family and friends around during the holiday season can also pose a danger to your pets. Maybe your cousin unknowingly gives your dog onions or some other toxic food for dogs, and you have to rush to the vet. If you have family members staying with you who are unfamiliar with your routine, they could also inadvertently let the dog or cat out, and the risk of injury to them (for example, due to being bumped by a car) increases exponentially.

holiday plants

Finally, winter is a time when many people display beautiful plants in their homes, such as holly and mistletoe. If you have a curious cat that likes to chew on plants, it could be at risk for disease or worse by consuming holiday plants.

I hate to say it, but even your Christmas tree can pose a danger to dogs and cats. It’s a tall structure, not always entirely stable, with flimsy (often glass) ornaments, garlands, ribbons, and lights plugged into your wall. It pays to be careful with the holiday accessories you bring into your home and consider getting a pet insurance policy before you get into holiday decorating.

Winter can be a time of love and care (not to mention great food), but it can be a particularly risky time for your pets (and your wallet, therefore). If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get a pet insurance policy from a reputable insurer, that’s it – before winter hits.

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