Personal injury law firm Galimidi Law has opened an office in Miami to represent injured victims in South Florida

Emanuel Galimidi brings his expertise in personal injury law to victims and families who have suffered due to the negligence and recklessness of others. The Miami office of Galimidi Law represents Galimidi’s decades of experience representing some of the world’s largest corporations.

According to announcements posted by Galimidi Law, PA, the law firm’s new Miami, Florida office provides affordable, results-oriented access to those seeking justice and fair compensation for injuries caused by recklessness. and the negligence of others. This Miami personal injury attorney serves Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties and other parts of South Florida.

Galimidi Law focuses on personal injury cases resulting from traffic accidents, unsafe and defective consumer products, slip and fall injuries and wrongful death. Emanuel Galimidi also represents South Florida families in cases of bad faith insurance claims where the insurance company has reneged on its responsibility to adjudicate claims fairly.

Galimidi Law represents its clients on a contingent fee basis; customers do not have to pay out of pocket. This arrangement makes the law firm’s considerable legal expertise available to ordinary people in South Florida who are dealing with corporations, trucking companies, or even government agencies.

Prior to establishing Galimidi Law, founder Emanuel Galimidi was a shareholder in one of America’s most prestigious defense firms with offices in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. He started as a partner and worked to become the leader of the product liability practice group.

His legal experience includes cases involving catastrophic injuries, wrongful deaths, sexual assaults and class actions. His work experience also includes decades with blue-chip global companies.

Emanuel Galimidi operates from a conveniently located office in downtown Miami.

Comparative fault rules govern bodily injury cases in Florida. This means that the defending party is trying to shift the blame to paying less or not paying at all. Without informed representation, an injured customer may receive less compensation.

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Galimidi Law, PA said, “Your initial consultation is your opportunity to learn more about your claim, your legal options, and the attorney you are considering hiring. You must bring all relevant documents and evidence so that the lawyer can give an informed opinion on your case. You should be prepared to ask questions about the personal injury attorney’s experience in your type of case, how their fee structure will work, how they will communicate with you, and any other concerns you may have. might have.

However, the most important thing you can do during your first consultation is to be prepared to explain your situation well and to answer your lawyer’s questions honestly. The same way doctors can’t treat you properly if you don’t tell them all your symptoms, personal injury lawyers can’t build the most successful case without knowing all the details.

Even though certain facts may seem to hurt your case, such as not wearing a seatbelt in a car accident, it’s best to be upfront about these issues, so your attorney can consider them. in his case. You can be confident that the defendant’s attorneys have identified any potential weaknesses in your injury claim, and your legal counsel should be prepared to push them back to get you the maximum settlement for your case.

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About the firm:

Galimidi Law, PA provides practical, clear and comprehensive legal advice to victims of personal injury. The law firm is genuinely concerned about protecting the rights and privileges of its clients. It is led by Emanuel Galimidi, who has represented multinational corporations legally and now uses his sense of entitlement to serve Floridians.

Company Name: Galimidi Law, Pennsylvania
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 305-206-9686
Address: 66 Flagler Street West, #1001
Town: Miami
State: FL33130
Country: United States

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