Is car insurance necessary even if you don’t drive?

If someone buys a car, it is mandatory to have insurance coverage whether or not they drive the car. However, individuals do not need to have full coverage; they can opt for a minimum amount of insurance depending on their respective states.

Today, most people have a car that they use to carry out many daily tasks like school, the office or travelling, and it is essential that they are insured. People need to understand that driving a car without an insurance policy is not legally acceptable. It is essential to have the police even if the vehicle is parked on:

According to the law, the police have the right to seize a car if one does not have an insurance policy.

Is insurance compulsory for all types of cars?

As a general rule, all cars must have the minimum liability car insurance to meet the legal requirements of the authority. Having car insurance can reduce the financial risk of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

A vehicle owner must understand all state rules and regulations to be familiar with the laws. One can be considered a high-risk driver if he has an uninsured car.

When do you not need a car insurance policy?

Sara Routhier, Outreach Director at, suggests specific times when people don’t legally need to have a policy, but they do need to have car insurance.

● The car is at a dealership

Suppose they buy a car, but the dealership currently owns the car, so at that time there is no need to purchase insurance

● The condition of the car is the worst

Suppose the car is unable to drive due to its worst condition and one cannot drive it, so there is no need to have the police. However, some states require people to have parked cars in this situation.

How does the parked vehicle insurance policy work?

People should consider supplemental or comprehensive insurance in case they get insurance coverage for car storage or a parked car. The reason is that this type of policy is beneficial when, unfortunately, the damage caused by:

  • flight
  • weather damage
  • fires
  • vandalism

As collisions are not always involved in damage, in this situation, keep the vehicle complete whether or not the car is used. In addition, it is one of the cheapest car insurance but it offers the best protection against potential problems arising from it.

Therefore, to obtain full or paid insurance, individuals must qualify for several insurance provider requirements. For example, some companies have the condition that the policyholder must keep the car for at least 6 months before taking out the free insurance.

On the other hand, some insurance companies require an individual to keep the car in a protected area like a garage or house instead of the street.

What is third party car insurance coverage?

Motor vehicle liability insurance is the most common plan offered by the insurance company. People can drive their cars on the streets without any problem with this policy.

Damages and losses due to any accident, such as an accident, are included in a third party car insurance policy. If one purchases the third party cover policy, it only covers death and third party injury due to death. In addition, third party vehicle damage is also included in this insurance.

Car insurance policy for non-drivers

In most cases, people who can’t drive usually don’t have their own car. However, there are situations where they do this without having driving skills.

For example, suppose in a family only one member is driving, but unfortunately the member has passed away and the other members don’t know how to drive it.

In this situation, it is also necessary to have a vehicle policy, no matter if it is parked or someone is driving it. The good thing is that one can ditch the policy and access fewer liability limits with affordable auto insurance.

Ways to reduce the cost of auto insurance

If one cannot drive a car, it is crucial to keep certain factors in mind to reduce insurance costs.

● Hang the cover

Not all states and insurance companies offer policyholders to completely remove coverage, but they may allow temporary suspension of the policy. Moreover, this option is much better than canceling full coverage.

It is true that if they suspend the policy, it is beneficial to reduce costs. However, remember that they will not be able to get coverage if the car is crashed or stolen after the coverage is suspended.

● Reduce additional costs

Most people don’t know that their car insurance policy can include several things like roadside assistance, car rental and many more. Therefore, eliminating these costs is a good idea to save money.

● Look for discounts

The discount percentage depends on the insurance company and also on the membership period. Different companies offer different discounts to their policyholders. As a consumer, you can ask the supplier for the different discounts and check which one suits you best.

● Consider low mileage coverage

This policy is known as pay-per-kilometre or usage-based insurance. Moreover, it is perfect for those who do not drive or do not drive too much because people do not need to pay a high amount for this specific coverage. But people will only be eligible to get this policy if they drive the car between 10,000 and 12,000 miles per year.

Car insurance for young drivers

The price of insurance is much higher for young drivers, especially those under the age of 20-25. The reason is that they have less experience driving on the roads, so the companies charge them extra.


Having car insurance can protect anyone against financial and physical risks. If someone does not have a policy, he cannot drive his car and the authorities can impose a penalty on him. Moreover, people do not need to pay a high amount to buy insurance; there are so many affordable options.

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