What to do after being knocked over

Similar to filing a police report, taking photos at the scene of the accident can help provide important details and evidence to lawyers and insurers when filing a claim or compensation claim. later.

Although rear-end crashes are not uncommon, being in the back is a shocking experience that no driver can expect. Rear-end car crashes can be minor, but they can also be serious or even fatal, depending on the speed and size of the vehicle that collides with your vehicle. After any car accident, it is normal to feel surprised and full of adrenaline, but it is important to stay calm and take the appropriate measures to keep everyone safe and to protect your rights in the event of damage or injury.

Stop and check for injuries

Immediately after an accident, a critical first step is to pull over to a safe place and check to see if all parties involved are injured. While sometimes rear-end crashes can be minor fender bends, other times these types of crashes can be severe and catastrophic. In rear-end crashes involving large commercial trucks, devastating injuries can occur due to the size and weight of the colliding vehicles. It is important to check the safety of all parties after an accident in case someone sustains a serious injury requiring medical attention. Any injury caused by a negligent driver may be subject to compensation under a personal injury claim.

Call the police to report the accident

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Calling the police to file an accident report is the best practice after any car accident. In a rear-end car accident, even if the collision was minor, it is always a good idea to report the accident to the police and have an investigator document the scene of the accident. Having a police accident report can provide you with an accurate record of the accident and evidence in the event of a lawsuit. Obtaining a copy of the police report can provide an attorney with important details about the accident and help build a claim against the driver at fault.

Exchange contact and insurance information

Once you have pulled over to a safe place and checked for injuries to the parties involved, be sure to get the contact details of the other driver involved in the accident. Obtaining the driver’s contact information is important for later when filing an insurance claim or a personal injury claim in the event that you have suffered serious injuries. Important information you wish to exchange includes:

  • Names of all parties involved, including drivers, passengers and witnesses
  • Addresses of all parties
  • Telephone numbers of all parties
  • Insurance provider and policy number of drivers involved
  • Driver’s license number
  • Registration number of the vehicles involved
  • Make and model of affected vehicles

An important tip to remember is to also get the contact details of any nearby witnesses. People who witnessed the collision can be a good resource for gathering evidence and details about the accident when building your car accident claim.

Take photos at the scene of the accident

Similar to filing a police report, taking photos at the scene of the accident can help provide important details and evidence to lawyers and insurers when filing a claim or compensation claim. later. Documenting photographic evidence at the scene of the accident can help your claim and ensure that the party responsible for the collision is held liable. It is important to take photos of any damage and the positioning and location of the vehicles to show an accurate and reliable representation of how the accident occurred.

Do not admit fault

After a rear-end accident, it is important never to admit guilt. Once you have admitted the fault of the other party, you become responsible for paying damages for the accident. Anything you say can be used against you in the accident claim, which is why it’s important to avoid taking responsibility for the collision at the scene of the accident. The best practice is to speak to an auto accident attorney for legal representation to help determine liability. The car accident attorneys at Cannon & Dunphy recommend consulting an attorney to help prove fault and hold the driver responsible for any damage or injury.

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