Primary Owner vs Third Party Owner

Discussing car insurance can be complicated. Simply deciphering all the terminology used is beyond the ability of many of us. Auto insurers use a combination of legal language and auto industry jargon that can be overwhelming at first glance. In fact, if you review your documents, you might even see terms like primary owner and third party owner, which makes you wonder if your coverage is yours even though you pay the insurance premiums.

Understanding Insurance Terminology

Car accident | Getty Images

When we are looking for a new insurer, to modify our existing coverage or to save money, researching what our insurance documents say is the first step. But it’s usually not so easy for those who don’t have a legal background or work experience in the insurance industry. Insurers use a lot of jargon to make sure their documents are bulletproof if you, another customer or a third party takes legal action against them.

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