Man accused of cheating on client

By DAVID MELSON – [email protected]

A man accused of taking money from a Bell Buckle area woman is facing multiple charges.

Johnny Robert Bowen Jr., 43, of Lafayette Street, has been charged with elder abuse, actions of a home improvement supplier and fraudulent use of a credit card/ATM.

“He was hired by a woman in the Bell Buckle area to do landscaping work,” said Detective Chris Brown of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.

“He did a small part of the job but took cash payments and his credit card to buy more supplies for the job.”

Bowen allegedly didn’t complete the job and ultimately used the credit card to purchase items for her personal use, Brown said.

A total of about $48,000 was withdrawn from the then 71-year-old victim, according to Brown.

Bowen, which operates Quality Plants and Landscaping, posted $100,000 bond, Brown said.

vandalized church

Additional BB shots were fired at Lone Oak Church of Christ, Highway 130 West.

Seven windows were shot down by BBs between Nov. 6-13, the BCSO said. More damage was found Wednesday with additional BBs.

drug charges

• Charges have been laid against a man who allegedly attempted to cycle away from an officer in a patrol car on Monday.

Michael Henry Welter Jr., 43, threw a bag containing 0.3 grams of methamphetamine and a small amount of marijuana towards the courthouse as he circled the square in Shelbyville with Constable James Sharp behind him.

Welter, listed as “homeless” in the Shelbyville Police Department report, was arrested soon after. He was charged with simple possession and a prior warrant for theft. Bail was set at $2,000.

•Drugs were reportedly found on a man in a North Main Street convenience store shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

Officers called in to perform a ‘wellness check’ on Randall J. Swindle, 52, of Midland Road, reportedly found a hypodermic needle containing liquid methamphetamine in his vehicle, a glass pipe with drug residue in his clothes and a strip of subboxone in his wallet. .

Swindle was arrested at the RaceTrak store.

Charges of possession of Schedule 2 and 3 drugs and paraphernalia and violation of parole and probation were filed against Swindle. Bail was set at $16,000.

• Methamphetamine was confiscated from a vehicle during a traffic stop Tuesday night on North Main Street, police said.

Wendy Janette Wallace, 50, of Fayetteville. had a faulty brake light, according to officer Jonathan Evans’ report. Evans said he smelled like marijuana, and Wallace told him the vehicle was uninsured and she didn’t have her driver’s license.

A computer check showed Wallace had been arrested four times previously for driving with a suspended license due to failure to provide insurance or pay fines. Field Training Officer Dylan Bliss and Evans searched the vehicle and reportedly found a container containing a ‘meth shard’ and a pipe used to smoke meth.

Wallace was charged with possession of a Schedule 2 drug and paraphernalia, a fifth offense of driving with a suspended license and a violation of financial responsibility and vehicle lighting laws. Bail was set at $8,500.


A man accused of causing a disturbance in the emergency room at Vanderbilt Bedford Hospital on Monday night has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Dakota G. Hare, 27, of Murfreesboro, was arrested after police were called three times to alleged threats to nursing staff. Hare is accused of breaking restraints and swinging at staff members.

Police said Hare caused no incident when he walked to the nearby Bedford County Jail. Bail was set at $2,500.

Dangerous movement

An argument turned dangerous on Tuesday afternoon when a young woman angrily grabbed the steering wheel of her grandmother’s vehicle and threw it into a ditch, police said.

Shelbyville officer Jerry Lawrence said in a report that he saw the car swerve “violently” off Harts Chapel Road.

Joshlynn Bliss Northcutt, 19, of Mountain View Road, Bell Buckle, is said to have admitted the action. The grandmother said she refused to give Northcutt any money. Northcutt “freaked out” and, when the grandmother said she was taking him to the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, got behind the wheel, according to Lawrence’s report.

Northcutt was charged with reckless endangerment, assault and domestic assault. Bail was set at $3,000.

The horseman escapes

A woman driven along Highway 41A North took a gun, backpack and speakerphone from the man she met and disappeared after stopping at a store along the way on Wednesday , according to a BCSO report.

The man said he didn’t know her earlier and only knew her as “Anita”.

blue light blues

A second driver within two weeks was arrested for driving with blue lights resembling those of law enforcement vehicles.

Officer Andrew Koehler said a car-wide solid blue light appeared from a distance to resemble a police car with cruise lights activated.

The driver, Israel Gomez Ortiz, was cited for violation of the state traffic light law, driving with a suspended license and financial responsibility.

Hits and Runs

Two drivers have been charged with leaving the scene of a suspected hit-and-run accident on Wednesday,

Tina McKennis Cox, 27, of Landers Street, struck another vehicle at an apartment complex in Landers Street, police said. Cox was also charged with impaired driving, open container and withholding voluntary consent to a blood test.

Martin Salazar Balderas, 42, of Landers Street, allegedly drove through the scene of a personal accident on South Thompson Street and struck the rear view mirror of an unoccupied Shelbyville Fire Department truck. Salazar complained that the fire engine was blocking the roadway, according to the report.

Charges of driving without a license and unsafe driving were also filed against Salazar.

Entering jail

The following people have been arrested since Monday by the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Shelbyville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only invoiced; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

•Jaffet Juan Bello Larrazabull, 19 Springdale Avenue; no driver’s license/exhibited on request, speeding; released, no bond

•David Bryan Bond Jr., 31, Tullahoma; driver’s license suspended; released, no bond

•Johnny Robert Bowen Jr., 43, rue Lafayette; actions of a home improvement supplier, fraudulent credit card/ATM use, other; Bond of $100,000

•Matthew Christopher Brinck, 36, Tullahoma; attachment; Bond of $1,000

•Miranda Francy Cass, 33, US 231 North; no driver’s license/shown on request, running stop sign; released, no bond

• Judy Elizabeth Cook, 75 Garden Drive; fraudulent use of an ATM/credit card; Bond of $3,000

•Martin Cortez Cortez, 37, address not specified; domestic aggression, interference with emergency calls; Bond of $9,000

•Tina McKennis Cox, 27 Landers Street; DUI, leave the scene of the accident, open container, implied consent; Bond of $5,500

•Robert Paul Cross, 73 years old. address not specified; driving with revoked license, DUI; Bond of $4,500

•Amanda Jane DaCosta, 47 Eady Road; driving with a revoked licence, leaving the scene of the accident, without proof of insurance; quote issued

•Earline Lerah Frye, 56, Guntersville, Alabama; assault; no listed bonds

•Gregory Allen Frye, 62, Guntersville, Alabama; assault, no bond listed

•Celina Savas Garcia Caceres, 26, toll road; driving with a suspended licence, speeding; no listed bonds

•Mardoguuo Jeremias Gomez Gomez, 31 Greenwood Avenue; driving with revoked license, light law; quote issued

•Hank W. Haacke, 45, Lynchburg; contribute to the delinquency of a minor; Bond of $1,500

•Gerald W. Hanley, 33, Woodland Drive; arrest warrant, failure to appear; Bond of $2,500

•Dakota G. Hare, 27, Murfreesboro; disorderly conduct; Bond of $2,500

• Megan Yvonne Heffington, 30, Fayetteville; violation of probation; no listed bonds

•Patricia S. Keele, 53, Rattlesnake Lodge Road; Drunk driving, following too closely, possession of schedule 2 drugs, seat belt law, following too closely; Bond of $7,500

•Jayln McKelle Laye, 21, Anna Lane; driver to exercise caution. no driver’s license/exhibited on request; no listed bonds

•Joshlynn Northcutt, 19 Mountain View Road, Bell Buckle; assault, domestic assault, reckless endangerment; Bond of $3,000

• Luis Angel Parada Gonzalez, 24, Antioch; no proof of insurance, reckless/reckless driving; no listed bonds

•Jairo Rene Ramirez, 39 Sims Road; arrest warrant ; Bond of $50,000

•Jeremy Reed, 33, Manchester; non-appearance; no listed bonds

•Martin Salazar Balderas, 42, rue Landers; the driver must exercise caution, leave the scene of the accident, no driver’s license / exhibited on request; Bond of $2,000

•Anthony Phillip Smith, 31, Tullahoma; two arrest warrants, failure to appear; no listed bonds

•Tony Matthew Smith, 53, Scottsville, Kentucky; domestic assault, interference with emergency calls, kidnapping/kidnapping, theft of property (motor vehicle); Bond of $13,000

• Joshua Gray Summar, 45, Rockvale; resist judgment; no listed bonds

•Randall J. Swindle, 52 Midland Road; possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule 2 drugs, possession of schedule 3 drugs, violation of parole, violation of probation; Bond of $16,000

•Marquail Demon Turner, 34 Austin Avenue; vandalism; no listed bonds

• Wendy Janette Wallace, 50, Fayetteville; driving with suspended license, financial responsibility, light law, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule 2 drugs; Bond of $8,500

•Michael Henry Welter Jr., 43, no fixed address, Shelbyville; simple possession, theft of property; Bond of $2,000

•Mikyah Mikhel Wilson, 23 South Cannon Boulevard; violation of probation (two counts); Bond of $2,000

• Jordan Tyrese Woodard, 20 Rockwood Drive; arrest warrant, driving with suspended licence, failure to appear; Bond of $3,500

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