Make sure you’re not a victim of car insurance scams in Florida

Whether you live in Venice or Palmetto, there is always the possibility that while you are on the road, you may have a traffic accident. Luckily, that’s what insurance is for, but that’s also where things get tricky in the state of Florida. Florida is a “no-fault” state, which in this case means that $10,000 is automatically paid regardless of who is at fault when a car accident occurs.

However, scammers and fraudsters try to game the system and deceive drivers and insurance companies out of this insurance payment. Insurance fraud can cost up to a billion dollars in false claimsand in Florida, people should be especially careful of these scam attempts to create an accident. Here are some of the ways unscrupulous people on the road try to trick Florida drivers into fraudulent accidents.

the panic stops

Unfortunately, this is an accident that is relatively easy for patients to stage. Scammers roam the road, keeping an eye out for distracted drivers. For example, if someone is looking at their phone and it looks like they will be checking it for a while, the scammer will deliberately move their car in front, then suddenly stop when the driver is not paying attention, then pretend that were guilty of distracted driving.

Drivers in this situation, especially if they know they pulled out their phone at the time, will tend not to dispute this claim and go through the insurance payment process.

Exaggerated claims

Perhaps one of the most common scams, and for some it is not even considered a problematic act. In some cases, drivers exaggerate the damage done to a vehicle to get more money than is needed to make the repairs. In Florida, this scam has even been organized at the corporate level.

Some car windshield replacement contractors, for example, have been known to file higher claims for windshield damage than actually occurred. This often happens without the knowledge of the accident victim, who is told by the repair shop that the cost to repair the windshield is only a few hundred dollars, which is the truth, so that the claim the repair shop has filed with insurance is that the damaged windshield will cost thousands of dollars to repair.

insurance agent fraud

In some cases, insurance fraud does not come from other drivers or fraudulent repair facilities, but from the person you are supposed to trust, the insurance agent. Under normal circumstances, people will work with insurance agents who are licensed and have a track record of ethical business practices, but some insurance agents will abuse that trust or may not even have many references, but they can easily gain people’s trust. with charisma.

One of the worst scams these people can pull off is tricking someone into taking out insurance they don’t have. People pay their premiums, but the scammer collects the payments, not the insurance company. When an accident occurs, the victims discover that they have no insurance.

However, a more common and less dangerous tactic is to “slip”, which means sneaking into some additional policy terms that the user is unaware of and “skimming the top” of those monthly payments from those terms. additional. In this case, the insurance is legitimate, but the additional costs are unnecessary and go to the rogue agent instead.

Towing scams

A final scam is the tow truck scam, where a towing service arrives at the scene of an accident and drives off with the vehicles. Some drivers assume someone else called the towing service, or maybe even their insurance company did. However, these are “bandit tricks” and they will hold a vehicle “hostage” until additional fees are paid to free them.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and you’re not at fault, talk to a car accident lawyer. Be sure to get professional legal advice to get what you’re owed.

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