AZ Big Media 4 Different Types of Car Insurance for New Drivers: Which is Best for Your Teenager?

Teenagers have more problems when looking for insurance than established drivers. Insurance companies generally charge higher rates for teen drivers because they see teens at a higher risk of accidents. Teens don’t have a lot of driving history, so they can’t prove to an insurance company that they’re safe drivers.

Please keep reading to learn more about the four types of car insurance for new drivers and which one is right for your teen. Our guide will help you choose the best type of auto insurance to keep your teens safe without breaking your budget.

Find affordable insurance for new drivers

teenagers need affordable car insurance for new drivers because they don’t have a good reputation on the road yet. Insurance companies can take advantage of this fact and overcharge your teen for car insurance. This can be overwhelming for your teen, as they are at the age where they are looking to save money to move or go to college.

To find affordable auto insurance for your teen, you need to learn about the different types of insurance cover. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of purchasing an insurance plan that is way over your budget.

Best Types of Car Insurance for Teens

Teenagers need additional insurance coverage because they are more likely to have an accident than established drivers. Here are the best types of auto insurance you can buy for your teen.

1. Comprehensive Coverage: This insurance covers damage to a vehicle caused by non-collision events that your teen did not cause. Examples of this coverage include vandalism, theft, or someone smashing your teen’s windshield.

2. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This insurance coverage protects your teen if they get into an accident with someone who doesn’t have car insurance. Unfortunately, even though auto insurance is mandatory for drivers, many people choose to go without.

3. Liability Coverage: Liability Coverage is the minimum amount of insurance you will need if you live in the United States. This coverage protects your teen from lawsuits or claims against them if they have an accident and damage another vehicle.

4. Collision coverage: Collision coverage will protect your teen if they accidentally hit something and need repairs.

Give your teen the most comprehensive insurance coverage possible to protect them. Accidents do happen and teenagers are particularly susceptible to getting into a car accident.

Ways to lower your teen’s car insurance

No matter which insurance company you visit for your teen, you’ll get higher rates than you want. Fortunately, many insurance companies offer ways to drop in car insurance for your teenager. Here are the methods you can follow to get the lowest rate possible.

• Buy a safe vehicle for your teen with plenty of anti-theft and security features.

• Increase your insurance deductibles if you know you can afford them in the event of an accident.

• Allow your teen to join you on your auto insurance.

• Ask your insurance company if they offer discounts for safe drivers and programs for teens.

Some insurance companies will give your teen a monitoring device that can help lower their insurance premiums if they drive safely.

Final Thoughts

Buying insurance coverage for your teen can be inconvenient because insurance companies charge more for young drivers. However, you can minimize these costs by finding an affordable insurance company, learning about safe driving programs, and adding your new teen to your coverage.

You need to give your teen full, uninsured/underinsured, liability and collision coverage to keep them safe on the road.

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