20 Hilariously Honest ‘Parenting Tips’ & Funny Advice For New Parents


Becoming a new parent can feel a bit daunting at times. It can be intimidating to realize you are solely responsible for taking care of another human being.

There is a plethora of parenting guidebooks and wise advice out on the internet, but it’s always important to get information straight from the source — which in this case is real parents.

There are many parents out on the internet who have interesting and, better yet, funny advice for new parents (or parents who are simply looking for hilariously honest parenting tips).

Of course, it is important to note that parenthood means seeking help when you genuinely need it.

“Remember pregnancy is the time in which both babies and moms learn to prepare for a new life. Trust the process and your instincts and do not be afraid to ask for help,” says Keya Murthy, a Spiritual Life Coach and Parenting Expert. “Remember that both you and your child are learning something new, so patience is a must.”

20 Hilariously Honest ‘Parenting Tips’ & Funny Advice For New Parents

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1. Write everything down.

“My mom told me if she had one piece of advice for new parents it would be to write down all the funny things their kids do/say!!!”


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