10 expert tips to get the course off to a good start

Like every year, the summer passes quickly and sadly school start over for the kids. Something that, however, can also be a moment of joy. If we think positively, the children will reunite with their friends and have the opportunity to learn new things, so in this spirit of positivism, we are going to offer you below, 10 tips to get the course off to a good start and for your children to have a pleasant start to the new school year.

10 tips for getting the course off to a good start

From a decalogue prepared by the official Association of American Pediatricians (American Academy of Pediatrics) we can know what advice is the best so that our students can start the course well, especially when it comes to primary school children or those attending college.

To facilitate the first day

  1. One of the things we must take into account is that it is not necessary to wait for the first day of the course. can ask the school for help before classes starteither via the whatsapp of the parents’ association or by calling the school from September 1st, we can ask questions or resolve doubts that may concern our children.
  2. Teach your children the positive aspects of schooling create positive expectations for the first day of school. As we have already mentioned, you must remember that this is an opportunity to reconnect with your friends and meet new ones. Tell them about positive experiences they have had in the past (or might have) at school or with other groups of children.
  3. Get the kids up early, at least a week before school starts so that the time change is not a destabilizing factor on the first days of class.
  4. Arrange to go to school with another mother or father. In this way if your son or daughter is accompanied by a friend, he will not feel so nervous.
  5. In case your child is afraid of the new class or maybe, if you have changed schools, it is normal for him to be nervous. It might be a good idea go to school a few days before to see him or even to let us in and see how everything goes. Even run a little in the playground so that he understands that he will have fun too.
  6. During the first days, it will be good for mom and dad, or one of them, to take the boy or girl to school and also to pick him up. Also try to be on time to reduce unnecessary stress.
  7. Make sure you talk to your child’s teachers or guardian before classes start to convey any concerns you have.

To choose the best backpack

  1. Choose one backpack with wide padded shoulder straps padded shoulders and back. Also remember that the child must always use both shoulder straps. Putting the backpack on one shoulder can strain the muscles the wrong way.
  2. Try to arrange the items in the backpack so that all of its compartments are used. Anything heavier should be placed near the center of the backrest. The backpack should never weigh more than 10-20% of the child’s body weight. Remove unnecessary items weekly to keep the bag light.
  3. Another option is consider buying a wheeled backpack. This type of backpack can be a good option for students who have to carry a heavy load. Remember, however, that wheeled backpacks may also need to be carried upstairs, and often cannot be hung up and take up a lot of room in the classroom. It is better to ask the school before buying it.

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